Oak Valley Health has a dynamic team of volunteers who are integral to the work that is being done to help support the delivery of an extraordinary patient experience.

Led by supervisor Funmi Odebode, the more than 800 volunteers support a variety of areas at Markham Stouffville Hospital.

“Our program offerings include our adult and student year-round program, high school co-op program, summer student program, pet therapy, child development, baby huggers, and more,” Funmi says. “Our volunteers are a vital part of the multidisciplinary units within the hospital and bring a wealth of knowledge to work in supporting the hospital’s strategic priorities.”

Funmi, who has been at Oak Valley Health for the past three years, ensures the department is well positioned to support and meet the hospital’s volunteer needs.

“As a part of this team, I have the privilege of meeting and working with our lovely team of volunteers who are committed to enhancing the patient experience at the hospital,” Funmi says. “I would say working alongside this group of volunteers is what I enjoy most about my work.”

Having always been involved in the community, Funmi knows first-hand how rewarding giving the gift of time can be. This must be true for many of the long-standing volunteers at Markham Stouffville Hospital who have been at the organization since its inception more than 30 years ago.

“Some of our long-standing volunteers provide directions to support patient flow at the main lobby while others are at the gift shop or information desk,” Funmi says. “We also have volunteers who provide support to patients before and after their surgery by offering warm blankets, helping with their belongings or just offering them company. Their commitment to the hospital providing exceptional care to our patients and families keeps our volunteers devoted to the cause. In addition, the hospital offers a safe and welcoming environment to all.”

Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to our community and support a cause you believe in. The volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to the hospital and reflect our diverse community. We are grateful for their contributions and celebrate and recognize all that they do for our organization, patients, and community.

The hospital is looking for volunteers who are focused on supporting its Vision, Mission, and Values. Volunteers play many roles in clinical and non-clinical areas, including clerical assistance, patient support, and customer service. MSH also has volunteer opportunities in its Patient Experience Participant Program and at Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation.

If you are thinking of volunteering and would like more information about the program, visit oakvalleyhealth.ca


Photo: Funmi Odebode, Supervisor, Community and Volunteer Resources.

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