‘You Are In Our Hearts’ fundraising campaign supports local healthcare heroes

After a year of living with the pandemic, most of us are dealing with COVID fatigue.

As we think of complaining, we are quickly reminded of the many healthcare workers who are known best as our heroes.

A group of Ballantrae residents — spearheaded by Wayne Burgess with lots of support from Councillor Maurice Smith — were feeling the love for our healthcare heroes and decided to support them with the “You Are In Our Hearts” fundraiser.

Thousands of “You Are In Our Hearts” cookies were baked with love by members of the Longo’s team and were paid for by a financial contribution from Tiny Seedlings.

The group’s fundraiser raised over $17,000 to go towards supporting local healthcare workers.

Longo’s manager Glenn Macnab, Tiny Seedlings Darlene Shaw and Shana Daniel with Councillor Maurice Smith.
Tiny Seedlings Darlene Shaw and Shana Daniel, with Allan Bell from MSH and Councillor Maurice Smith.
Wayne Burgess spearheads “You Are in Our Hearts” fundraiser in support of local healthcare workers.


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