What happens when you bring 15 seniors from your community together with two art facilitators from Europe and introduce them to 25 cans of spray paint? Pure creative joy!

On Sept. 23, Lara Seixo Rodrigues and Duarte Cavalinhos landed in Toronto from Lisbon, Portugal to assist Latcham Art Centre in a program called Street Art Seniors of Stouffville (SASS), based on their award-winning LATA 65 program (https://mistakermaker.org/lata-65).

The duo led 15 unique and fearless seniors from Stouffville in two full days of workshops where they learned about the origins of street art, were introduced to the work of a variety of prominent street artists and explored the technique of stencil cutting.

From the time the knives hit the hands of the SASS group, there was no stopping them.

On the third and final day of the program, this energetic group engaged in creating a vibrant street mural celebrating what they had experienced together and showcasing each participant’s uniqueness with their individual “tags.”

The excitement and joy of connecting and art-making radiated from the group, warming an otherwise chilly fall day.

Visit latchamartcentre.ca for more details.

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