Stouffville United Church celebrates 170 years… and funding

Big things are happening at Stouffville United Church.

First, a celebration service heralding 170 years of the congregation with Rev. Capt. Dr. John Niles, sermon: “Honouring the Past, Embracing the Future” and traditional hymns lead by new Music and Choir Director, Daniel Mehdizadeh. That was followed by a ringing of the bells of the church before service and special lunch following the service.

View of the church in its early days

But, maybe an even bigger deal was the church, that first started it’s life 170 years ago as a Methodist congregation, was a recipient of the Faithful Footprints grant of $30,000 which will be combined with a local fundraising total of $15,000 to improve many features of the church. This will include a retro fit of the church sanctuary lights to LED, install a new hot water tank and replaced a 32 year old gas furnace with a heat pump that will offer more efficient heat and cooling options for different parts of the year.

The entire church, inside and out, has new LED lighting upgraded knob and tube lights. New floors and paint in other auditorium, replacement bricks on the exterior and more to come. The recent renovations ensure that the life of the church extends well beyond its youthful 170 years and remains an important part of Stouffville’s legacy.

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