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SoccerCity sold to local investor

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville recently announced the sale of SoccerCity to a local investor.

As part of the sale conditions, recreation programs will continue to run at the facility until the end of April 2022. This will allow the Stouffville Soccer Club (SSC) to wrap up their indoor season at the place they’ve called home for eight years.

“We as a club, did worry about the fact that the facility was initially leased by the town for only 10 years,”  SSC acting president Klaas Westera said. “SSC saw that as a potential risk to the community, so in 2017 decided to be proactive and started researching viable replacement options should the need arise. The resulting 24-page comprehensive report was presented to the town in 2018. As part of our partnering with the town on this project, we are updating the report to today’s dollars and to our current situation.”

SoccerCity currently houses the Stouffville Soccer Club for all youth and adult soccer, and holds the organization’s offices (and storage) for club business.

Moving forward, the town will be working with the club and community to explore options for a future soccer facility – possibly another dome – in town.

The new owners of what is currently SoccerCity hope to attract further business opportunities at the facility, located at 45 Innovator Drive.

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