Fewer regular donors during the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the smallest donor base in a decade and has stalled efforts by Canadian Blood Services to replenish a critically low national blood inventory.

In Canada, one in two people is able to donate blood, but only one in 81 actually do.

Like other healthcare organizations in Canada and other blood operators around the world, the latest COVID-19 wave has challenged Canadian Blood Services like never before. COVID-19 has led to appointment cancellations at a time of year when collecting blood is already challenging. There is an immediate need for donors across the country to fill thousands of open appointments to ensure patient needs continue to be met.

To extend awareness surrounding the ongoing need for blood donations, Allegra York Region is partnering with Canadian Blood Services for their “Make All The Difference” campaign. Through January 31, 2023, sponsors are seeking new blood donors and encouraging past donors to “roll up their sleeves” and help meet the critical need for donations.

The timing of the campaign is designed to support the nation’s blood shortage.

“We are so honoured to play a role in our community to help support the blood centres of Canada’s mission of gaining new donors,” said Stephen Crawley, owner of Allegra York Region. “With the timing of the year, many blood centres are looking for people to donate, and our team looks forward to joining this important initiative that fulfills a critical need in the community.”

There are over 60,000 open appointments that need to be filled by the end of this year. There are also 1,000 people in Canada waiting for a stem cell match, and 4,000 people across the country waiting for an organ transplant. It is also a perfect time to make a financial commitment, which is another meaningful way to make all the difference in the lives of others.

To locate a blood drive location near you or make a monetary donation, visit http://www.blood.ca/en.



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