Latcham Art Centre (LAC) continues to engage the community with successful art programs.

The LAC team has a lineup of exciting programs designed to foster creativity and artistic exploration for all ages.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Creative Foundations 1: Starting on September 16, this program, led by a professional artist educator, is perfect for children aged 5 to 8. Participants will develop confidence, creative thinking skills, and knowledge about different types of art. Through hands-on activities, they will explore various materials, learn about colours, and shapes, setting a solid foundation for their artistic journey.

Creative Foundations 2: Calling all aspiring young artists aged 9 to 12. Get ready to take your artistic journey to the next level. Designed to challenge and inspire young participants, this September 16 program encourages them to embrace creative risks and explore a world of artistic possibilities. The program will delve into a variety of media and techniques, empowering your child to unleash their imagination and create awe-inspiring works of art. Enroll in Creative Foundations 2 today and unlock the true potential of their creative spirit.

Art and Wellness Workshop: Discover the powerful combination of mindfulness techniques and creative expression in this October 4 workshop designed for ages 18 and above. By using various art materials, participants will tap into their inner creativity, cultivate awareness, manage stress and anxiety, and develop a deeper connection with their emotions and thoughts. No prior art-making experience is required.

Life-Drawing Workshop: Ideal for young artists aged 12 to 17 considering a career in art, the workshop on October 5 provides an opportunity to draw from a clothed life model. This guided workshop aims to build confidence in observational and technical skills. While all necessary supplies will be provided, participants are welcome to bring their own if desired.

Family Paint Night: On October 11, join the Group of Seven-inspired painting activity, celebrating the beauty of nature. Families can come together in the amazing studio, bond, and create lasting memories while unleashing their creativity. No prior experience is required, and each ticket includes all materials necessary for acrylic painting.

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