Will you vote in a new ward this fall?

Residents can look forward to “improved representation” with new ward boundaries in October’s municipal’s election.

Each new ‘rural’ ward is physically larger than its predecessor. Significant changes have also been made to ‘urban’ wards.

Ward One’s eastern boundary is now McCowan Road north of Vandorf Sideroad and Hwy. 48 south of Vandorf Sideroad. It now includes both Vandorf and Gormley. With the exception of Sleepy Hollow Estates, Ward Two now extends south from Davis Drive to Bethesda Sideroad and encompasses Ballantrae, Musselman’s Lake and Bloomington.

Ward Three was previously in the Gormley area and is now east of the Tenth Line and south of Bloomington Sideroad. Ward Four is now bounded by Hwy. 48, the Markham-Stouffville border, Ninth Line and Bethesda Sideroad. Ward Five is now bounded by Ninth Line, Main Street, Tenth Line and Bethesda Sideroad. Ward Six is now bounded by Ninth Line, the Markham Stouffville border, Tenth Line and Main Street.

According to Town policy, a ward boundary review must be conducted following three municipal elections to recognize the impacts of growth and their implications on representation. The Town’s population has grown by about 56 per cent since the last ward boundary review was conducted in 2009. The updated ward boundaries will remain until the next ward boundary review in 2031. The Town’s population is expected to grow by about 10,600 or 21 per cent to 61,500 by 2030.

Following a nine-month study that included community and stakeholder engagement, Town staff and consultants Watson and Associates Economists Ltd. presented Council with several new ward options in March 2021. For complete descriptions of the new wards, download the full boundary report at To view a map or search which ward you’ll be in, visit the new boundary layout at

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