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Where there is a will, there is a way

Ruth and Bernard Tong have lived in Stouffville since it was just corn and potato fields, and remember when Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) was first being built.

Today, they know the hospital very well having both received care at MSH.

“MSH is an amazing place,” Bernard said. “The medical teams there have cared for Ruth and I tremendously well,”

While Ruth has battled breast cancer, Bernard has also been through five cancers himself, as well as a spine operation.

“That’s why Ruth and I were inspired to make a gift to MSH in our wills,” Bernard said. “Ever since then, we’ve felt comfort knowing that we will be helping our community long after we ourselves are gone.”

“With these gifts in our will, we’re supporting the folks at MSH, the same way they’ve supported us over the years. We’re very happy to do this for our hospital and for all the families whose loved ones are treated there.”

Leaving a gift in your will to MSH is a powerful act of generosity.

“We know that some people feel that leaving a bequest to charity is only for people with large estates. Not true,” Ruth said. “If we all leave a bit to the hospital, together we can make sure that this hospital and this community thrive long into the future.”

The MSH Foundation has partnered with Will Power, a national effort to show Canadians that you have the power to do more with your will.

Your will is a powerful tool for creating change. However, there are some common myths that can get in the way. Many people don’t believe they can support both their loved ones and their favourite cause through their will. The truth is, even with a small percentage of your estate left to charity, you can make a big impact, while still leaving the majority for loved ones. Choosing to support your favourite charity through your will can also reduce, and in some cases, even eliminate, the taxes to be paid.

To learn more and to explore free tools and resources, visit willpower.ca/charities/markham-stouffville-hospital-foundation.


Photo: Ruth and Bernard Tong, Markham Stouffville Hospital grateful patients and legacy donors.

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