Town to support wildlife refuge

The Town of Stouffville is teaming up with a wildlife rehabilitation centre to help sick, injured or orphaned wildlife within its borders.

“We are so very pleased to welcome Whitchurch-Stouffville into the family of Wildlife Responsible municipalities,” Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge Founder & Board President Gail Lenters says. “As York Region continues to build and grow its urban communities, having a game plan for displaced and injured wildlife is a serious environmental responsibility.”

The Town will contribute $8,000 to the local charity each year for the next five years and will also provide staff resources and materials. “This initiative represents a strong leap forward in Stouffville’s wildlife conservation efforts,” Mayor Iain Lovatt says. “By working with Shades of Hope, we are ensuring that our community remains a safe and nurturing place for everyone who calls Stouffville home, both human and animal.”

Shades of Hope is located in the Town of Georgina and is licensed by both the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries and Canadian Wildlife Services. Its mission is to nurture, treat and rehabilitate injured and orphaned native wildlife with the goal of releasing healthy animals back into their natural habitats.

“As commercial and residential growth continues to explode, our wildlife is being pushed aside into ever smaller spaces,” Shades of Hope says on its website. “Sadly, a large number of wild birds, mammals and reptiles regularly fall victim to road accidents, human cruelty and the scarcity of suitable habitat and food. As the need for rescue of orphaned and injured wild animals increases, Shades of Hope is committed to providing veterinary care, proper nourishment and a safe place to flourish until they can resume their rightful place in nature.”

Earlier this month, Shades of Hope was caring for 242 wild lives, including a bald eagle, two Northern Saw Whet Owls, chipmunks, squirrels, opossums and a red fox.

Photo courtesy of Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge.

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