Nursing Week, May 10-18, is an opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to the profession of nursing by honouring and acknowledging the dedication, expertise and compassion nurses bring to the role, all in an effort to provide the highest quality care for their patients and make their community a healthier place.

At Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH), nurses go above and beyond every day to ensure the health of patients and our community.

Here are two examples of our nursing heroes in action as told by their colleagues.

“Sue Bonk, RN, works with inpatients throughout MSH providing education and recommendations for diabetes care. When you ask staff to describe her words like dedicated, committed and mother-hen comes to mind. A former Emergency Department nurse and now Team Lead, she is someone that can navigate multiple tasks. As team leader she is there to field the difficult questions from her team members. In the face of pandemic, the questions have become increasingly difficult. She does not shy away from these challenges. She is always available to mentor and support her team,” shares Deion Weir, MS, RD, Patient Care Manager, Adult Diabetes Services.

“Emily Bursey, RN, is an extremely compassionate person who is dedicated to her job. She is always a joy to work with and brightens up the day for her colleagues and patients. While being a relatively young and new to practice nurse, she is extremely hardworking and capable. Even if she may not be familiar with a certain clinical scenario, she has the ability to assess a situation, think her way through any problem and ask for help/resources when needed. She has an incredible ability to work with our elderly patients with cognitive impairments. She is patient and attentive; she will sit with her patients and hold their hands to provide calming and comfort,” shares Natalie Munn, MD, Family Physician.

MSH nurses are answering the call during the pandemic. Many are working to support patients diagnosed with COVID-19 across the organization while others have jumped into different roles and are working additional hours to support the needs of our community.

Nursing has taken on a very special meaning over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, nurses are delivering the very best clinical care. But more than ever, they are there providing comfort when family and friends cannot be present.

MSH has an incredible team of nurses who are demonstrating exceptional compassion and courage in caring for our patients and community during this unprecedented time.

These are just two examples of the dedicated, courageous and highly skilled nurses at MSH.

This nursing week, we honour them and every other nurse on the frontlines. Thank our MSH Heroes at


Photo: Markham Stouffville Hospital registered nurse Sue Bonk. Photo courtesy of Sarah Wilson. 

*Story by Sarah Wilson.


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