The Lavender Ladies were busy again this summer collecting and organizing donations for Salvation Army, then sitting for a well-deserved tea break.

The Aug. 19 afternoon tea was another huge success. The ladies have been meeting for tea and helping Salvation Army for 17 years.

“We had 53 ladies attend and we filled two large Salvation Army trucks,” said organizer Ristina Ferrari who hosts the event each year.

“A big thank you to all of you beautiful ladies for making this year so successful,” Ferrari said. “All the donations were packed into my garage more efficiently this year and were not spread out as in previous years — the drivers could not believe all the items! So Nice.

The first Salvation Army truck was full of everything but the furniture. The second truck came back for the furniture.

“My daughter thought it was so fun,” Ferrari said. “She also took a photo of me after we had cleaned up a bit and I had my feet up to relax a bit later in the evening after the party. Yes, I was tired afterwards — but, so worth it!

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