Speed limit drops on some regional roads

Drivers will need to watch their speed as York Region drops the speed limit on seven sections of regional roads, including in Markham and Stouffville.

“Our communities continue to grow and with more residents working and learning from home, people are using our Regional roads for more than driving, including walking and cycling,” Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson says of the changes. “It’s appropriate to review speeds for vehicles to travel so everyone can feel safe and comfortable when using our roads, sidewalks and bike lanes.”

‘New’ signs will be posted above the speed limit signs at the beginning of each changed speed zone to notify travellers of speed limit changes. Roads with revised speed limits include Ninth Line from 63 metres north of Reeves Way Boulevard to 180 metres south of Reeves Way Boulevard, which drops from 70 to 60 kilometres an hour, and Major Mackenzie Drive East from Ninth Line to York/Durham Line, which drops from 80 to 70 kilometres an hour.

Steve Pellegrini

Other changes: Mulock Drive/Vivian Road from Leslie Street to Woodbine Avenue (from 70 to 60), Langstaff Road from Highway 50 to Highway 27 (from 80 to 60), Major Mackenzie Drive West from Highway 50 to 715 metres west of Barons Street from 70 to 60), Major Mackenzie Drive West from Pine Valley Drive to Islington Avenue (from 70 to 60) and King-Vaughan Road from Pine Valley Drive to 400 metres east of Weston Road (from 70 to 60).

The Region consider several factors when annually reviewing and revising speed limits on its roads, including new community growth and increasing traffic volumes, and ensuring drivers have enough time to react to potential hazards.

“Research tells us while a smaller percentage (24 per cent) of vehicle-only collisions resulted in injury or fatality, almost all pedestrian (94 per cent) and cyclist (82 per cent) collisions resulted in injury or death on our roads in 2019,” says Township of King Mayor Steve Pellegrini, Chair of the Region’s Transportation Services. “Reducing speed limits is one of the many efforts we are undertaking to protect vulnerable road users.”

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