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Oak Valley Health unveils new strategic plan

Oak Valley Health’s new strategic plan focuses on getting patients the care they need at the right time and in the right place and on delivering an “extraordinary” patient experience.

“At Oak Valley Health, an extraordinary patient experience means that what matters to patients, families and caregivers is truly valued,” it says in its 2024-2029 Strategic Plan: Integrated Care for Healthier Communities.

“The past four years have brought unprecedented challenges to the health care system but with any challenge comes opportunity,” Oak Valley Health President and CEO Jo-anne Marr says. “Our new strategic plan demonstrates our commitment to transformational leadership, bold innovation and new partnerships to improve the health of the communities we serve.”

Oak Valley Health includes Markham Stouffville Hospital and Uxbridge Hospital. Its new plan follows the Care Beyond Our Walls strategy, which guided the organization through the pandemic. It promises integrated care that brings together different organizations, health care professionals and service providers to support high-quality, holistic patient care.

“Our new vision statement, integrated care for healthier communities, represents our renewed focus on providing a seamless journey for patients and their families,” says Marr. Integrated care aims to reduce costs, increase access to health care services and improve quality of care, Oak Valley Health explains in the plan.

The benefits of good integrated care are numerous: patients can access the care or services they need when they need it, connections between care providers and services are seamless, and information that’s accessible and easy to understand is shared between patients and providers at each step along the way, it adds.

The plan also includes a new mission statement: deliver an extraordinary patient experience through our honoured to care culture. “We are committed to providing consistent, safe, high-quality care, delivered with empathy, compassion, respect and good communication,” says Co-Chair of Oak Valley Health’s patient experience participants Anne Rouillard.

The plan was developed with input from frontline staff, patients, families, volunteers and the communities Oak Valley Health serves. “This collaborative effort has resulted in a strategy that truly reflects the diversity and unique needs of our communities, as well as the unwavering dedication of those who tirelessly care for them,” says Oak Valley Health Board Chair Mike Arnew.

Photo courtesy of Oak Valley Health.

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