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When people think Baskin-Robbins, they’re likely to conjure up images of summer afternoons with a cone in hand, milkshakes or cakes and good times with friends.

For a growing group of business-minded persons, however, the image associated with the brand is also one of financial security, dreams of a better tomorrow, employment for the family and community and professional aspirations and development.

Since 1971, Baskin-Robbins has enabled a growing group of Canadian entrepreneurs to realize their goals and develop their business skills by owning, managing, and growing a Baskin-Robbins franchise location.

A pioneer at heart, Falguni Patel has found great meaning and purpose in serving happiness in a cone with not one, but two, Baskin-Robbins locations.

Indeed, Falguni has always been surrounded by entrepreneurs – both her father and brother are in business roles and so are her husband and father-in-law. Very early on, she witnessed what a career in business could offer both personally and professionally—and was eager to start her own journey.

“The strong business personalities in my family have inspired me,” Falguni said. “I didn’t even ask myself if I was going to follow in their footsteps because I knew that being an entrepreneur was what I was meant to do. Since I was a child, I just knew this lifestyle would fulfill me and give me the balance I needed between my work and personal lives. I wanted to be my own boss and grow my small business through hard work and excellent service.”

Offering sweet treats such as ice cream and cakes was what first drew Falguni to the Baskin-Robbins brand. In 2014, she officially became a franchisee and saw great success with her Bloor Street location in the heart of Toronto.

“I always had a talent for arts, crafts and decoration and I thought ‘this is the perfect outlet for expressing myself’—designing cakes for special occasions and making celebrations more memorable. Desserts bring happiness and who doesn’t want to make people happy for a living?”

After eight years of serving the Toronto community, the desire to grow had set in and Falguni noticed incredible potential in nearby Stouffville – a growing city known by its slogan ‘country close to the city’ and its beautiful main street.

With her business expertise, knowledge of the brand’s high standards and motivation to serve a wider public, she took a special interest in the Stouffville shop and decided to invest her experience in this second location.

With more than 20 years of customer service, Falguni had no doubts about this new adventure. She knew exactly what it would take to grow and thrive in this new community.

“Our guests come first, and there is no doubt about that,” she said. “Growth always depends on satisfaction and when guests are happy, they will most likely bring their friends and family and become loyal customers and supporters.

“One thing I’ve learned is to listen—and teach my team to do the same. From there, we can better satisfy our guests and find solutions that match their individual needs.”

Wanting to give back to the Stouffville community immediately, Falguni hosted a Customer Appreciation Day on June 25 at the 5892 Main Street location. This was an opportunity to meet guests, officially introduce herself to the community, and spread the word about the ice cream brand.

“That event just increased my motivation to keep growing as a franchisee,” Falguni said. “It’s a dream of mine to own at least four Baskin-Robbins locations, and if my team and I keep providing guests with excellent service every year, I am sure to make this dream a reality.”

When you’re ready to satisfy a sweet craving, you can always stop by 5892 Main Street for a delicious scoop of happiness—served with a smile.


Photo: Falguni and Umesh Patel ready to welcome ice cream lovers to their Stouffville business.




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