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Community Health Clinic expands as respiratory season approaches

Oak Valley Health is now offering enhanced care services to help protect the community this fall and winter during what is anticipated to be a very challenging flu and respiratory illness season. This expansion builds on the early success of the Community Health Clinic (CHC) located in Stouffville.

Staffed by nurse practitioners, the CHC offers same and next-day appointments for patients seeking care. With the expansion of services, the CHC is now able to provide care to all patients six months of age and older, as well as rapid access for paediatric patients.

Along with in-person appointments at the CHC, Oak Valley Health has partnered with Ontario Health and the Eastern York Region North Durham (EYRND) Ontario Health Team (OHT) to offer virtual care. This service operates after hours and is available for those who require timely access to care for urgent, non-life-threatening conditions that can be addressed virtually. This service is also appointment-based and operates daily between the hours of 1-9 p.m.

Appointments for adult and rapid access paediatric care, both in-person and virtual, can be booked through oakvalleyhealth.ca.

“With the upcoming fall respiratory season, we are grateful for this expansion of the CHC. This is a step towards making health care more accessible to everyone in our community,” says Elena Pacheco, vice president and chief operating officer. “Additionally, the expansion will help ease the burden for families and children and reduce the strain on our busy Emergency Departments, particularly as we expect to see a rise in influenza, COVID-19, and RSV.”

In partnership with the EYRND OHT and Well Plus Compounding Pharmacy, Oak Valley Health opened the CHC in May 2023, providing health care services for individuals without primary care providers, allowing patients to access immediate and follow-up care when necessary and appropriate.

“At the CHC, we see a variety of family medicine and care needs, most often related to respiratory, viral, and gastrointestinal illnesses,” says Terri Stuart-McEwan, vice president, clinical programs and chief nursing executive. “We welcome all patients to see one of our practitioners for in-person or virtual assessments, as well as follow-up reassessments to ensure our patients are improving.”

These enhanced services will support the health of our community this respiratory season, providing new options for patients and families to access care. The CHC will also work to relieve the Emergency Departments of non-acute volumes.



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