If there was one element ever to be labelled as the most important and vital to the sustenance of any living organism, it’s water.

It seems to me, we continue questioning the amount which should be consumed. We might have thrown the idea of eight glasses per day by the wayside since many lifestyles differ in energy output.

People with various health challenges needing pharma support and differences in body mass are examples of why being more precise with intake is so important.

I like to approximate an individual’s daily water requirement as 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight. To some, the eight-glasses rule is perfectly suited — and to others — that could just be half of their body’s requirement.

For so many reasons which would stretch beyond this page, water is crucial for cellular repair and function, effective fat loss when following a sound nutrition plan and fitness routine, better sleep, enhanced energy, temperature regulation and hormonal support. Water is crucial.

And what better way to get a head start on your hydration requirements than to drink 1-2 full glasses of it upon waking.

Here are just a few benefits of water consumption on an empty stomach before breakfast. It rehydrates the body, boosts your metabolism, helps flush toxins, improves digestion, and improves skin health.

Peppermint, chamomile and Rooibos teas are all great go-tos. Some like to add fresh herbs like rosemary or basil to their water, or fresh citrus or cucumber. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re not letting these live foods stay in your water container for prolonged periods of time, as proliferating bacteria can be harmful to the stomach and create unwanted issues.

Take advantage of the milder weather as spring has now sprung. Making your hydration a priority has many benefits you’ll easily see and feel for your best summer yet!


Story written by Shana Daniel R.H.N.

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