Town utilizes innovative building blocks at Holiday Market

Making the holidays a little brighter for everyone in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Canada’s own, GRIPBlock has built a Lego-like mini city for Stouffville’s latest outdoor market.

GRIPBlock CEO Montu Khokhar – who recently relocated to Stouffville – met with Mayor Iain Lovatt to discuss the idea and within days the market project was underway.

The Stouffville Holiday Market is Lovatt’s brainchild. After attending a similar event in a neighboring city, the mayor was determined to provide his COVID-weary community the opportunity to feel that warm, vibrant, bustling energy of an outdoor holiday gathering.

At the market, residents and visitors can enjoy a warm, holiday-themed beverage, horse-drawn wagon rides, photos with Santa and live entertainment on the event stage.

“The Stouffville Holiday Market is an opportunity for residents and visitors to get into the holiday spirit, Lovatt said. “The magic of the season will be palpable along Main Street and now more than ever, I know that people want to feel that incredible sense of joy that only the holidays can offer, and we are very happy that GRIPBlock could help bring this vision to life.”

GRIPBlocks are lightweight, reusable building blocks that can be stacked like Legos to create strong and sustainable structures like pavilions, rinks, barriers, patios and much more. GRIPBlock structures can be built for one season or year-round adventure. These novel structures require no foundation and can be built on any terrain.

The Stouffville Holiday Market’s GRIPBlock structures include booths for local stores and restaurants, gathering areas, seating, a stage, and enormous Christmas Trees all built from the wooden blocks.

The Stouffville market will look like a Lego city, consisting of over 40 structures constructed from more than 10,000 individual GRIPBlocks. It will be assembled in under two days and deconstructed in a single day following the close of the Market. The blocks will then move on to build structures for other events.

“This market is built for the community, to be enjoyed by the community and we are thrilled to contribute to Stouffville with this new partnership,” Khokhar said. “GRIPBlock is a Canadian-made product that is the future of building and it’s so easy that anyone can do it. These all-natural wood and aluminum blocks are the perfect option for our great outdoors. We’re honored to contribute to making this wonderful event possible.”

Located in the heart of the Stouffville Village, the Holiday Market runs from November 26th to the 27th.

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