The Tarr home has a 147 year history at 6699 Main St.

This home which has been on Main St. for over 147 years was once known as the Philip Davis home, who was the first owner and builder.  After Esther Tarr purchased the home in 1920, it then became known as the Tarr home.

Esther was born on November 24, 1864, on the 7th Concession of Pickering just east of the town and married Richard Tarr who was ten years her senior. Esther was the daughter of the late Joseph and Margaret Ramsey. Ester and Richard got married on St. Patrick’s Day in 1897, as befitted a couple of Irish heritage. The couple then took up farming at Mongolia, south of town, down the Tenth Line on Lot 26 Con 9.

Mr. Tarr died in 1914 and his widow remained on the farm until about 1920. It was then she purchased Lot 19 and a home on the south side of Main Street for the sum of $2,250 on July 22, 1920; when she with her son Percy (Stouffville Marble & Granite Works) and daughter Vera moved to the Village of Stouffville.

Following a long period of declining health, Esther died at her home on Main St. east in Stouffville on Dec. 13, 1946.

She was the last of a family of five brothers and two sisters. She was a very sympathetic and kindly disposed woman beloved by her neighbours and a host of other friends. She was also a faithful member of the Mennonite Brethren Church.

Rev. E. Bricker of Toronto officiated at her funeral and at her late husband’s funeral 32 years prior. He was assisted by Rev. Samuel Goudie. Interment was made in Stouffville cemetery.

In April 1947, Mr. Everett Jones and his family moved to town from north of Uxbridge to occupy their new home at 6699 Main St. East, placed next to the entrance of the cemetery property. Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones and their family were welcomed newcomers to the community.

The house today still shows some of the design features of the 1870s. The Gothic window over the front door reminds us of the Gothic Revival style. The roof slope is a gentle angle and reflects the building design that was common in early Stouffville. The house scale and size also would be reminiscence of the same. Heritage features have been added such as the shutters and the front porch which is not original. Even the front porch has more recently been changed and upgraded but still complements the original elements of the home.

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