Supporting newcomers with easy access to resources

By George Redak, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

The Newcomer Inclusion Table, previously called the Community Partnership Council, is a multi-sectoral collaborative group that advises York Region’s council and staff on the development and implementation of initiatives to support the successful integration of newcomers.

The 30 members appointed for the 2023 to 2026 term were chosen to represent a multitude of sectors, with the goal of effectively advising the regional council on the development and implementation of programs designed for newcomers. York Region defines newcomers as residents who immigrated to Canada in the last five years.

“Since 2010, this important advisory group has played an important role in supporting newcomers,” York Region CEO Wayne Emmerson said. “According to 2021 Census data, 53,495 recent immigrants settled in York Region between 2016 and 2021, accounting for over 84 per cent of our population growth. Arriving with valuable education, skills and work experience, helping newcomers succeed drives York Region’s success.”

In order to achieve a seamless implementation of newcomers into York Region, the members representing the Newcomer Inclusion Table were chosen from various fields, including government, legal aid, language, employment, emergency services, education and health, to name a few.

“I look forward to continuing the excellent work this group is involved in ensuring our communities are welcoming and a destination people choose to call home,” said Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, co-chair of the Newcomer Inclusion Table. “The success of our efforts relies on the strength of collaboration and partnership, and we look forward to adding two more community representatives, with recent newcomer lived experience, early next year.”

One of the key materials produced by the Newcomer Inclusion Table is a physical guide designed to help all newcomers with easy access to resources and programs through York Region. Leisure, learning resources, employment, transit, and many other topics are covered in the Newcomers Guide, providing new residents with a pocket-sized book that can help them get their Canadian lives rolling. The guide is also available online at

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