Latcham Art Centre wraps up the summer presenting a solo exhibition by artist Vanessa Dion Fletcher, called Relative Gradient.

The exhibition showcases her handmade quillworks, made using ethically-sourced porcupine quills in paper.

These embroideries reference the artist’s study of the Lenape language and show shapes that range from familiar to abstract.

The artist presents these works alongside sculptures, documents of performance, textile design, and photography, which use her embroideries as inspiration.

Altogether, the exhibition speaks to the ways that we can preserve and transform traditions, and alternative ways of learning, and reflects on the artist’s experience living in an Indigenous, gendered body with a neurodiverse mind.

The exhibit will be on display starting Aug. 25 when the artist will be there for the opening. She’ll be back again on Sept. 21 for an in-person talk from 7-9 p.m. when she’ll be joined by Latcham curator Tyler Durbano.

Latcham Centre will showcase the exhibit until Oct. 14.

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Image: Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Blue Zigzag, 2023, quillwork on paper, 11” x 14”. (Image courtesy of the artist)


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