Parking tickets waived if you eat locally

It’s a program you might describes as ‘sweet’ because it takes the sting out of getting a parking ticket while supporting local restaurants.

Beginning January 20, you can have any parking ticket you receive in Stouffville waived if you eat from a local restaurant. The program will continue until the provincial government lifts lockdown restrictions on restaurants and allows in-person dining.

“The restaurant industry was the first closed,” says Mayor Iain Lovatt. “They have suffered the longest with the deepest restrictions throughout the pandemic. This is a win-win situation for our local business owners and our residents.”

Most restaurants have been operating at a loss or barely scraping by with a profit margin of two per cent or less throughout the pandemic, he reports. “Nearly half of all foodservice businesses have been consistently losing money ever since the first wave of lockdowns. It’s a shame that our businesses are going through this.”

To have your parking ticket waived, you’ll need to provide proof of residency (such as a driver’s licence or tax, water or utility bill) and a receipt from a Stouffville restaurant in an amount equal to or greater than the fine (before taxes and tip) within seven days of receiving the infraction.

Email a scan or photo of the restaurant receipt and the parking ticket to [email protected]. Tickets issued for parking in a fire route, in an accessible parking spot without a permit and parking around fire hydrants won’t be waived. Visit to learn more.


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