January is a time to restart, renew and re-evaluate what you define as worthy for the 12 months ahead. Time marches on, with newly-defined resolutions or mantras that leave you feeling a year wiser with intent to make the one ahead bigger, brighter and bolder.

This was a year for many of health taking priority. For some it opened eyes to realizing that just perhaps if we took better care of our bodies, they could in turn take better care of us.

After almost two years of COVID-19 restrictions, many of us feel more comfortable and fortified eating in the comfort of our homes with loved ones.

The debates between essential and non for all businesses and shops became household dinner talk. We reached out as friendly neighbours to each other to lend a helping hand when needed and came together as one to find common ground in getting through a pandemic never seen before.

Here’s my take for 2022 food twists:

1. Less alcohol and more mocktails. With emerging science to back up the benefits, bitters have once again gained popularity for aiding digestive health, curbing sugar cravings, boosting the immune system and even easing stress. Experiment and read up on which ones can benefit your needs and create with explosive taste sensations derived from fruits and vegetables, add a splash of sparkly and garnish to appeal.

2. Fermented foods provide beneficial friendly bacteria which are so supportive to our health. Some fermented options include sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha and kimchi just to name a few.

3. Fusing of ingredients like cayenne, berries and nuts continues to be a favourite with chocolate manufacturers along with recognition that bean to bar chocolate is going to get you the most healthful bang for your buck for antioxidant potential. Make sure to choose dark chocolate.

4. Portion control and nutrient density. Focus on whole foods and understand that a calorie just isn’t a calorie. Pick your calories wisely.

5. Fusing new spices with your older traditional recipes inspires new ideas and arouses the senses to create beyond what the recipe once was. Furthermore, spices act as an anti inflammatory which benefit joints and digestion.

6. Dinner for breakfast – we go further astray from “breakfast pastries and jellies” being the standard continental breakfast menu fare. Placing more emphasis on savoury breakfasts is gaining popularity with cheeses and fruits, yogurts and cereals, eggs prepared any way and meats coming back. Why not? Healthy proteins in a balanced ratio with fruits and / or vegetables can take your nutrient density way further than a chocolate chip muffin or sweet scone ever could.

7. Alternative mylks have their place and they’re here to stay. With the entry of almond, soy, coconut and oat, came more pseudo ones like cashew, quinoa, hazelnut and barley.

Vitamins C, D and zinc took centre-stage as immune enhancers. Fast tracking our knowledge on humidity enhancement in the colder months, air purifiers in our homes and reminders of how to wash our hands was everywhere.

I’ll also remind you to look at this year ahead revolving around whole nutrient dense foods, where fats are essential as is breakfast  the very meal most think isn’t needed to start their day.

My practice thrives with clients who wish to learn, succeed and enable their bodies to go beyond the boundaries of what they thought they couldn’t with their limiting beliefs held from their past.

Happy New Year, happy New You and cheers to learning that everything old becomes new again as we adapt and modify with newly-acquired information and put it to use daily.


Story submitted by Shana Daniel, RHN.

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