Make sure to check out the work from home exhibit which is on display until Dec. 10 at the Latcham Art Centre.

work from home includes sculpture, paintings, performance for video and prints made during COVID-19, by past and present instructors, volunteers, staff and board members of Latcham Art Centre.

These were created while much of the global workforce shifted from working in-office to working remotely.

For some visual artists, their studios also moved into their homes. Creative time provided by the pandemic was abundant—for better or for worse—and the challenge of separating work, life and studio presented itself.

work from home acts as a viewpoint to see the Latcham community as makers and artists, in addition to cultural workers.

To share how their practices have changed during the pandemic, each artist provided an interview with gallery staff. To view the interviews, visit



Photo: Installation view of work from home, now on display at Latcham Art Centre until December 10, 2022.

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