Whistle FM on the air, receives Town funds.

Whistle Radio is no more. Hail the new Whistle FM 102.9.

After petitioning the federal government to receive a more prominent signal on the dial, the new Whistle is now on the air. But to fully benefit from the move on the dial, a move of the antenna must also happen says a delegation from the station that broadcasts from the basement of the Stouffville Fine Furniture building on Main St.  

Ivan Harris Director of Technical Services explained that requires better funding to move the antenna to eliminate interference from the western reaches of the Town and reach more northern reaches like Ballantrae. The relocation means moving from the current location on top of a low-rise medical building near the studio to the clock tower.

Whistle representative Brenda Masson, along with Harris, went before council recently to request an official $15,000 donation to assist not just with the antenna move, but also to become an emergency broadcast outlet for the town.

The Whistle delegation noted that this ability, which includes a generator, would allow the Town to maintain contact with residents during power outage similar to the ice-storm experienced in 2013 or provide the capability to feed into the provinces “Amber Alert” system that is often used to send an alarm about abducted persons. 

Masson revised the ask to only $6000 after an assessment that suggested a cheaper generator could be found. That money was granted by council with Mayor Altmann also pitching in another $2000 towards the effort to integrate with the emergency broadcast system.

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