A new local exhibit at 19 on the Park in Stouffville shows visionary women through the lens of Julie Williams.

Williams enjoys connecting with local women, hearing their stories about making a difference in the community and telling those stories through her photography.

The featured women have made contributions to the community through their various roles. The group includes volunteers, entrepreneurs, educators, politicians, and healthcare professionals.

The exhibit’s opening night had a full house on September 9 and included many business leaders and local dignitaries who shared many positive comments about the showcase.

Councillor Sue Sherban was full of praise for Williams.

“This exhibit of which Julie has put on has been amazing, uplifting for the community and community of women here in Whitchurch-Stouffville,” Sherban said. “As I have said to her, she does not know the impact that she will leave and the legacy from taking on this initiative.”

Williams was moved by the support on opening night.

“What started as a personal photography project, evolved into so much more,” she said. “The end result is a body of work of photographs that combined with the participants’ bios and quotes highlight their accomplishments and vision for Stouffville. The outpouring of interest and support for this exhibit has been tremendous and beyond anything I anticipated or dreamed.

“I’m thankful to everyone involved for making the opening night such an incredible community event.”

Portraits: Visionary Women Shaping the Stouffville Community exhibit is on display until October 20th at 19 on the Park.  There is no fee for visitors to view the exhibit and there will be limited copies of the exhibit brochure at 19 on the Park which includes bios for the women highlighted in Williams’ exhibit.


Photo: Portraits: Visionary Women Shaping the Stouffville Community exhibit showcases the following women (front row, l-r): Darlene Shaw, Sue Sherban, Shana Daniel, Alison Jackson, Dolores Trentadue, (back row): Isidora Romantini, Laurie Barry, Victoria Grant, Dr. Jane Philpott, Sonya Torres, and absent, Joanne George. Photo courtesy of Julie Williams.



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