Town enhances community engagement with new digital platform

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is pleased to announce the launch of Come Together Whitchurch-Stouffville, a new community engagement tool that allows residents, business owners and visitors to share their ideas with council, municipal staff and other members of the community.

The new online platform – located at – was launched in the middle of September and has already been used for public consultations.

Come Together has already proved to be a valuable asset,” said Glenn Jackson, Corporate Communications Officer with the town and project lead for the implementation. “It creates a unified space for citizens to offer their opinions, take surveys and ask questions. That is something we have focused on improving the past few months and we are very pleased with reception so far.”

“Better citizen engagement leads to better, more sustainable decision-making,” said Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Iain Lovatt. “We are always striving for innovative ways to help the community become more involved and Come Together does just that – brings the community together.”

The new platform, developed by industry leaders Bang The Table, was developed to keep residents informed and engaged while on-the-go according to Jackson.

Come Together provides a place to access latest updates about ongoing local projects and public meetings, provide staff with insights that will have an impact on decision-making and create opportunities for residents to interact with each other,” he said. “All accessible on a computer and on mobile devices.”

The platform incorporates numerous ways the public can engage with the Town – including open discussions where other members of the community can participate in, or in a closed environment one-on-one with staff.

“It provides various types of collaborative consultation, including the use of polls, surveys, on-line forums, idea-sharing mechanisms, Q&A postings, image sharing and more,” Jackson said. “It helps community members provide constructive feedback and share positive ideas, solutions and opportunities.”

The new platform strengthens the Town’s customer service and engagement, an area that Council identified in their new Strategic Plan as a top priority.

“Online engagement drives inclusive, transparent and measurable community input,” Lovatt said. “And now we can use this tool in collaboration with traditional engagement methods – such as public meetings and public information sessions – to help create the best programs and services we can for this great community.”

“We want to empower our residents to be active participants in shaping projects and initiatives that will impact the future of Whitchurch-Stouffville,” Lovatt said.

Residents, businesses owners and visitors can register, and participate in the discussions, by visiting

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