Town defers tax and water payments for those in need

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Council recently approved an application process to defer tax and water payments for those who have financial difficulty due to COVID-19.

Applications will be made in writing via email to [email protected]. Pending application, residents will have 60 days after the due date for no penalties or interest for all tax/water bills with due dates until December 31st.

This deferral program begins on July 17, 2020. Applicants must apply within two weeks following July 17, or no later than two weeks before the due date of requested bill deferral. Applications will be accepted in writing via email to [email protected]. To apply you are required to have authority in regards to the account, indicate name, the address of the property, the tax and/or water billing account number(s), and the nature of the financial burden and specifically request a waiver of interest and penalties. Once the resident or business entity has applied the deferral will be applied to each payment due date for tax and/or water without reapplication.

“Council and staff are committed to assisting those who have come upon hard times due to COVID-19 however we can,” Stouffville Mayor Iain Lovatt said. “This deferral period will also allow residents and staff to have time to investigate if there have been discrepancies among water bills.”

Taxpayers on a preauthorized monthly payment plan (PAP) will have to leave the PAP during the period for which the financial relief is requested, which may be up to December 31, 2020, and payment will be made on or before the end of each 60 day period by other means. If a PAP Instalment Plan payment or a post-dated cheque has been processed on July 17 and a taxpayer wishes a 60 day grace period, staff will, upon application, apply a credit to the account and payment will be required on or before the conclusion of the 60 day grace period.

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