Thursday nights keep people dancing at the bandstand

Thursday Nights at the Bandstand has been presenting great music all summer by sunset on Unionville Main Street. Thousands have joined in on the fun thus far.

“Every year seems like the best year to me,” explains the event’s longtime soundman, Chris MacBride. “It never gets old for me.”

After a July featuring tributes to some of the world’s greatest rock and country acts, August kicks of with ABBA revisited on the eighth. This noted tribute features all the bell-bottoms, sequins, and polyester you might imagine; as well as all the iconic disco era hits. Dancing Queen, Fernando, Mamma Mia, Waterloo, S.O.S., Super Trooper and many more will keep toes tapping and one finger pointed to the sky all night.

Continuing to explore more exotic music, the bandstand welcomes Johannes Linstead on August 15. Named Canada’s “Guitarist of the Year,” and with seven top-ten US Billboard charting albums, Linstead has become recognized internationally as a standard bearer of Instrumental, Jazz and World Music.

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve likely heard his music as his tunes have been featured in dozens of television shows and movies. His band of congas, bongos, accordion, bass and Spanish guitars bring a world flavour to the bandstand.

“We like to have something for everyone,” explains Bill Dawson, the event’s organizer.

Up next is Dreamer: The Supertramp Experience on August 22. They are an authentic re-creation of legendary seventies rock band, Supertramp. An eight-piece group of multi-instrumentalists perform all of the sounds used in a real Supertramp show, from saxophone, clarinet, trombone, vintage keyboards, and of course, the unmistakable Supertramp vocal sound. The band covers the legendary Crime of the Century album in its entirety featuring Dreamer, Bloody Well Right, and School plus all of the biggest songs from The Best of Supertramp.

Closing out the season is perennial favourite, Brass Transit on August 29. This tribute to the iconic horn based group, Chicago packs the street every summer. Brass Transit brings together accomplished and award-winning musicians for the sole purpose of paying tribute to the decades-long, multi-platinum songbook by the band that took its name from the public transit system in their hometown.

The closing night of the summer is also B-Strong night, as a tribute to local inspiration Lindsay Bolger’s fight against cancer and the campaign that honours her memory.

“We want to keep the community thinking about supporting B-Strong,” Dawson explains. “We’re not soliciting donations directly on the 29th, but celebrating the campaign with great music!”

Photo: Thursday Nights at the Bandstand continue to heat things up at the Unionville Millennium Bandstand.


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