Canadian singer/songwriters join together on the Flato stage for an evening of rich music that travels beyond the normal Latin sounds.

Alejandra Ribera, has been writing about the unexpected places we find light since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, La boca. In her sophomore release, This Island, the award-winning songwriter continues her exploration of luminescence – this time leaving the depths of mythological waters and delving firmly into the experience of the human heart.

In 2017, Alex Cuba completed his sixth album, Lo Unico Constante, beginning in Spain and passing through Montreal to record a single with Jean Massicotte. Then, he met up with the rhythm section from Healer in Baker Studios to record and mix 12 songs that delve deeper into Alex’s songwriting roots, focusing on nylon string guitar and upright bass. With four Latin Grammys, two Junos and three Grammy nominations, his music reflects primarily Latin and African influences but with a mix of funk, jazz and pop.

An evening with Ribera and Cuba, April 27 at Flato Markham Theatre. Visit for details.

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