the lively Fitzgerald siblings create athletic music that will make you smile

For those who witnessed the Fitzgeralds’ sold-out Summer Patio Series in 2015, you’ll understand why 19 on the Park has asked them back for a full, indoor show coming to town September 23. Their energetic, Ottawa Valley Celtic sound (filtered through Bancroft) makes for an exciting, performance that will be long remembered.
For fans of a good old-time, down-home, fiddle and step-dancing Ceilidh, the siblings are pitch-perfect ambassadors when they want, but are not afraid to throw in the odd Irish, French-Canadian or pop music flourish to keep things lively. Their attention to technical excellence will satisfy traditionalists and remind fans of the talents of that other famous fiddling family, The Leahy’s, with whom they have toured. Julie Fitzgerald often teaches at the Leahy’s annual fiddle camp in Lakefield.
But even for those who have had no connection to the Celtic genre, the sheer energy level and physicality of their jaw-dropping show is gripping. Playing a fiddle upside down – fast, check. Fiddling and step-dancing at same time – check. Playing other peoples instruments while they hold it (and maybe dance) – check. You really have to see it.
That close sibling connection makes much of the mastery possible, but what they also demonstrate bright and clear is the sibling’s love of performance which includes plenty of natural smiles and a willingness to engage the crowd.
The September 23rd show starts at 8pm and tickets are $39. But you better get them soon before everyone who got blown away with their show in 2015 finds out that they are returning.
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