StatCan paints positive picture of Canadian youth

In their Dec. 19 report, entitled Canadian youth: hopeful, resilient and hard-working, Statistics Canada says the main activity for seven in 10, aged 15-24, is going to school. Of the rest, 26 per cent are in the labour force while three per cent are not in school or the labour force.

As well, more young women (71 per cent) than men (59 per cent) experience financial obstacles toward achieving their achieving their educational goals.

Among all youth, 78 per cent say they feel hopeful for the future, 75 per cent feel they are able to bounce back quickly after hard times and 72 per cent of those who work say they feel happiest when they are working hard.

Statistics Canada also reports that most youth – 68 per cent of non-immigrants and 86 per cent of immigrants – feel they have better educational opportunities than their parents.

Image courtesy of Statistics Canada

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