Formerly known as Stouffvillicious, Savour Stouffville is an event focused on food and drink in Whitchurch-Stouffville for the month of March. The primary goal is to bring attention and more business to those growing, making, selling and serving food and/or drink. The event is being organized by the town economic development office.

“I am very pleased that 26 local businesses are participating this year,” says Tina Sharma, downtown coordinator.

Sharma says she is excited 10 businesses in downtown Stouffville are participating. Aaron Purveyor’s Fine Foods is presenting a free sampling day, The Smokery is hosting a Scotch whiskey tasting and Fickle Pickle is serving up a three-course meal, featuring prime rib, for $19.95.

David Tuley, economic development officer, said he is delighted so many producers are involved, like Joyous Light Candles (a convent), Reesor’s Market & Bakery, Gallucci Winery and Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters.

“If I were forced to choose three things,” says Tuley, “I would attend a cooking social at Cutrara’s Kitchen, I’d go to duck school at King Cole Ducks and I’d attend the all-day St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Coach House Pub in Ballantrae, but I plan to do more than three things.”

 The 16-page Savour Stouffville calendar and catalogue can be downloaded at for complete information.

 In the photo, Pedro Pereira, chef and CEO of Fishbone Bistro, prepares a dish for Savour Stouffville. Photo courtesy of Julie Williams-Pretty in Pictures.


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