Retooling Ford as a global hub for battery electric vehicle production

The federal and provincial governments are each investing $295 million to help retool Ford of Canada’s Oakville Assembly Complex into a global hub for battery electric vehicle production. This is part of the overall $1.8 billion investment agreement made between Ford of Canada and Unifor. This investment represents one of the most significant investments in the province’s auto sector in a generation.

“With the support of the federal and provincial government, Ford of Canada is investing in the future of its Ontario-based operations, solidifying its commitment to providing thousands of well-paying jobs in Ontario and becoming the first automaker in the country to build full battery-electric vehicles while delivering operational improvements that will maximize production flexibility to ensure we remain operationally competitive,” said Dean Stoneley, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada.

“By making this investment in Ford Canada, we are ensuring our province continues to lead North America and the world in automotive manufacturing and innovation, while boosting our competitiveness in this key sector,” Premier Doug Ford said. “We are also securing thousands of good-paying jobs, not just at the facility in Oakville, but across the province. This project will help support our auto parts sector and other suppliers and service providers.”

Building electric vehicles here in Ontario is a critical component in securing future investments across the electric vehicle value chain. This includes opportunities for the province’s mining industry, because electric vehicle batteries require various minerals found in Ontario’s North. In addition to securing the future of the Oakville Assembly Complex, this investment is a major win for the auto parts industry in Ontario and its 63,000 workers who help build parts and components for vehicles assembled in the province and abroad.

“This level of co-operation and support for the auto industry shows the very vision Ontarians are looking for from the provincial government and I commend Premier Ford for the leadership he has shown with this significant investment that will secure good jobs in Oakville for decades,” said Jerry Dias, National President of Unifor.


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