Phone scam targets Alectra customers

In response to an increase of fraudulent activity in its service territory, Alectra Utilities is alerting customers of a sophisticated phone scam.

The phone scam involves customers receiving a phone call from fraudsters requesting immediate payment over the phone. If you get a call requesting immediate payment and threatening disconnection – hang up and contact Alectra directly at

Customers receiving these suspicious phone calls are reminded of the following:
• Never make a payment for a charge that isn’t listed on your most recent Alectra Utilities bill
• Do not provide any personal information, including your Alectra Utilities bill or account number
• Remain vigilant and verify account information only with Alectra Utilities’ Customer Care Representatives directly
• Contact Alectra Utilities’ Customer Care Representatives during regular business hours to discuss any outstanding account activity or report an incident

If you believe you may be a victim of fraud or theft, contact the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 and Alectra to report the incident.


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