Parents and allies of LGBTQ2 kids send a clear message

Hundreds of parents and allies of LGBTQ2 kids recently sent a clear message about Ontario’s health and physical education curriculum.

On Dec. 14,  Pflag Canada – a national charitable LGBTQ2 support, resource and advocacy organization – submitted a report to the Ontario government highlighting the results of their province-wide Have Your Say community consultation that launched in early November. Pflag’s extensive campaign aimed to solicit feedback from the community about the health and physical education curriculum in Ontario as part of the province’s For the Parents initiative, advocating for a relevant and inclusive curriculum.

The organization received impassioned responses from across the province. In all, 398 responses were received, representing the views from 499 individuals from 23 local Pflag chapters. Select submissions were sent on behalf of one or more individuals.

The stories shared with Pflag were heartfelt and, at times, heartbreaking. Woven through all of the stories was a consistent and fundamental theme: Ontario families are incredibly diverse and our school communities need to ensure that all families and all students are welcomed, included and safe.

“The curriculum is the foundation that makes this possible and it must teach respect and acceptance from day one,” said Bev Belanger, Pflag Canada president.

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