New town parking permit system starts December 1

The Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville is implementing a new parking permit system which includes the elimination of all day-time parking permits.

On November 7, municipal council approved a scaled-down permit system taking effect December 1.  The town has eliminated residential on-street permits, which allowed residents to park overnight on town roads, and revised all permits for town-owned parking lots. Parking is not permitted overnight in any town-owned parking lot without a permit.  No permit will be needed for daytime parking.

Parking lots where overnight permits will be available include: Memorial Park Main Lot (8 Park Drive South), 6240 Main Street, the Whitchurch-Stouffville Leisure Centre and Public Library (Park Drive South), Stouffville Arena (Ninth Line North), Stouffville Clippers Complex (Weldon Road) and SoccerCity (Innovator Drive).

The town has six municipal public parking lots where parking is limited to three hours only.  These include Edward Street (behind 6148 Main Street), 65 Main Street (in front of 6240 Main Street), north section of Memorial Park Lot (8 Park Drive South), Market Street (behind 6311 Main Street), Civic Drive (next to “19 on the Park”) and Somerville Street (near Civic Drive).

“We are providing a limited number of overnight parking permits for employees and residents in the downtown area that do not have access to dedicated on-site parking,” said Rob Flindall, public works director and project lead of the town’s recent commercial and residential parking study.

Flindall said that the concern over lack of employee parking was clearly articulated by the employees and residents from the downtown area during the recent public consultation.

“The town is not obligated to provide parking for employees of private businesses or for apartment tenants. However, a paid parking permit system is an equitable solution for those types of users,” he said.

“The parking permits sold for use in the town’s facility parking lots will continue to be available to employees of local businesses and the tenants of nearby buildings and apartments,” Flindall said.

The permits will be provided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The permit holder will have 24-hour access to the parking lot, but defined parking spaces will not be assigned. The permit holder will instead be allowed to use any of the unrestricted parking spaces.

Daily permits will be sold for a specific calendar day (starting at midnight), and weekly permits will be sold for any 7-day period.  Monthly permits can be purchased up to 31 days in advance and can commence any day of the month.

Residents and business owners who currently have a valid permit that expires after December 1, may continue to use that permit until it expires.

Permits for parking on residential streets have been eliminated.  Parking limits remain at three hours.  Residents that require parking for guests for more than three hours may obtain a free parking exemption from the town for up to 12 times a year.  These exemptions will be issued per license plate and will be available from the town’s website.

Permits will be available for purchase starting December 1st at the town website:

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