Higher taxes for Whitchurch-Stouffville residents

Whitchurch-Stouffville residents will need to open their wallets a little wider this year after town council approved a combined operating and capital budget of $113.4 million.

The 2018 budget, approved on Jan. 23, includes a three per cent tax levy. That translates to $48.42 in additional taxes (town portion only) for an average single detached family residential house with an assessed value of $575,000. The levy includes a 2.9 per cent contribution to capital reserves and 0.1 per cent debt service charge.

The $66.7 million operating budget includes: $14.6 million for leisure and community services; $12.7 million for water and sewer; $10.6 million for public works; and $6.3 million for fire and emergency services.

The $46.7 million capital budget includes: $11.3 million for the leisure centre and library expansion project; $3.5 million for reconstruction of Montreal St. and Stouffer St.; $2.2 million for the water meter replacement program; and $1.4 million for Gar Lehman Park.

“This budget addresses the increased demand for services in our town,” Mayor Justin Altmann said in a statement. “It serves our citizens and is in line with many other York Region and Greater Toronto Area municipalities.”

Additionally, council approved 14 new full-time staff positions. The full budget report and supporting documents can be viewed at townofws.ca/budgets.

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