New partnership to support local businesses

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to slam the Canadian economy, York Region is teaming up with economic development stakeholders and industry leaders here to support local businesses.

The York Region Business Recovery Support Partnership will support many of the activities already in progress by individual group members, including identifying suppliers of personal protective equipment. “Economic vitality remains a key priority for York Regional Council and is fundamental in maintaining a prosperous Region,” says York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson.

“Right now, more than ever, the success of our residents and businesses relies within the strength of collaboration and partnerships. We are stronger, together, as we all support and promote economic resiliency and recovery.”

The partnership will support discussions with federal and provincial ministries to provide York Region-specific feedback from the business community and will also support discussions with economic development groups like York Region’s Innovation Centre. It will take part in a Greater Toronto Area-wide economic development working group and support the York Region Business Coalition, a collaboration of nine municipal Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce, to hear concerns within the business community.

The group will also conduct ongoing economic impact assessments, streamline business advisory supports and develop coordinated communications. Four sub-groups have been established and will focus on the crisis response supply chain, business advisory services, agriculture and agri-food, and tourism, arts and culture. Partnership members continue to re-tool the services they deliver and evaluate the needs of the business communities during and post-pandemic.

Business and consumer confidence have both plummeted to respective all-time lows as a result of the pandemic, the Conference Board of Canada reports.

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