If you’ve ever wondered if your or your children’s immunizations are up to date, you’ll welcome a new app that will allow you to securely manage your records.

CANImmunize is a free digital immunization record for iOS and Android devices and the web, allowing you to carry your vaccination information wherever you go. You’ll be able to easily create and manage records for each family member and the records will synchronize between devices. You can receive reminders when it’s time to get vaccinated and facts about vaccinations in your province or territory.

CANImmunize was developed by The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab at Algonquin College. “Immunization is one of the most effective ways to prevent disease but tracking immunizations has been challenging,” says team leader Dr. Kumanan Wilson. “We built CANImmunize to empower people but we also recognize that we can help the health system by allowing citizens and public health units across Ontario to access the same immunization records.”

The Ottawa Hospital mHealth Lab manages and maintains CANImmunize with funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada. Project Spark is an Ontario initiative that allows digital health innovators such as CANImmunize to flow provincial health information into the hands of patients and their health services providers.

CANImmunize has been downloaded over 270,000 times and has recently been cited by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control as a model for consumer facing immunization solutions. It’s an accredited resource by the World Health Organization’s Vaccine Safety Net. Learn more at www.canimmunize.ca.

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