Athletes challenged at Moraine Adventure Relay

On June 9, more than 30 teams raced along the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail in a multi-sport relay marathon. Highlighting teamwork and sportsmanship, the 12th annual Moraine Adventure Relay challenged participants with cycling, canoeing and running segments.

Elite category teams competed in the full-length, 360-kilometre race, that started at Gores Landing and ended in King City. Recreational category competitors had the option to participate in the full or the half-relay, beganning at the halfway point of the race at Purple Woods Conservation Area in Oshawa.

The 2018 elite category winners are Pullin Foot – a three-person team that competed in the Moraine Adventure Relay for their first time this year. The recreational full-relay winners are Team Running Free and the recreational half-relay was won by Knotty by Nature – a team representing York Region Forestry. The corporate team winner from the recreational half-relay is the Golder Trail Racers.

Returning for their fifth year, Durham Divas team captain Stacey Kitchen said the Adventure Relay always provides a supportive environment for participants to set and achieve personal goals.

“In our first year in this relay, the team was comprised of only female friends who had never set and achieved physically active goals for themselves,” she said. “The team has evolved since then, however, we have never changed our focus, which has been to have a wonderful day, support each other and the other teams in the race and finish proud of ourselves.”

The relay is an annual fundraising event organized by the Oak Ridges Trail Association with the proceeds going toward trail maintenance. This year, 150 volunteers helped organize the relay race.

“Those volunteers made the Moraine Adventure Relay a complete success,” said Frank Alexander, association representative. “It was an excellent day, perfect weather and everything went smoothly. The accolades from race competitors steeped on the volunteers are many and well-deserved.”

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Photo: Teams race across the lake in the canoeing stage of the relay. PhotoHiker Wei photo

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