Outdoor weddings with public figures are, by their nature, risky things. There is lots that can go wrong because there are lots of things not in the designers control. But the stars were definitely aligned for Mayor Justin Altmann and his new bride Jenny Saturday as a happy crowd of friends, family, VIP’s and curious public witnessed the nuptials under a clear blue sky.

With the balcony of 19 on the Park serving as the church stage, witnesses looked up from the expertly crafted “church” floor that beheld row up on row of neatly rowed chairs complete with carpeting, archway, decorations – including hundreds of “Justin and Jenny” hearts that attendees used to fan themselves.

The picture perfect day was completed by the wedding party arriving in a row of limousines heralding the arrival immediately behind of Jenny in a classic horse-drawn carriage.

Bottles of water and bubbles (yes bubbles) and a nice breeze every so often helped make the warm summer air bearable. While 19 on the Park Cultural & Facilities Coordinator Ashley Chappell kept control of proceedings from the sidewalk with the help of York Regional Police who had a pretty easy time of it marshalling the modest crowd of curious who were also invited by the Mayor.

Unfortunately, for detractors of the mayor who predicted chaos, the wedding did not attract the 40,000 or so residents predicted by national media who covered the event before, during and after.  But it was a fantastic success for the purists who love a good time, a good cry and beautiful moments.

And who can argue with a receiving line and reception at Ribfest? Delicious, but not good on white dresses.[envira-gallery id=”939″]

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