Master illusionist Ted Outerbridge travels the world mesmerizing audiences of all ages. Performing professionally since 1982, he’s done everything from materializing Fortune 500 executives to consulting for Cirque du Soleil to creating magic for movies.

He has made more than 100 television appearances, from MuchMusic to The Discovery Channel’s Mystery Hunters to his own TV special, Magic with Ted Outerbridge. He knows the importance of connecting with the crowd.

“The audience should like the magician and, then, after that, the magic should be good,” said Outerbridge. “A magician needs to care about the magic they’re performing. For me, my motivation is to have fun with the audience, and then to deceive them. I’m paid to lie and deceive. People think it’s easy making magic but it’s not. There’s a psychology involved. It’s about engaging people and taking a puzzle and turning it into something that matters to people.”

He and stage partner, Marion, will keep you wondering how they can perform such amazing illusions.

The show takes place Feb. 3 at Flato Markham Theatre.


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