Local artists gather for Lemonville art show

The Lemonville Group of Artists gathers once again for their 24th Annual Art Show and Sale at the Lemonville Community Centre.

The show consists of nineteen artists in the group showing off their best original paintings with styles from watercolours, and acrylics while playing with traditional painting mediums.

The show and sale is a favourite for many Stouffville residents as the Lemonville Group expects up to see 300 to 500 people throughout the show.

“We have many people who come back year after year. We have people who are so anxious to get in to see the beginning of the show that they’re lined up at the doors before we open”, Diana Bullock, member of the Lemonville Group of Artists, explained.

A unique aspect of the show is that if there is a piece someone likes, it can be bought right there on the spot and a new piece of art is put on display keeping the show fresh.

“The show is constantly changing. So what you see on Friday night won’t necessarily be the same show on Saturday or Sunday”, added Bullock.

The 24th Annual Art Show and Sale runs May 5 – 7. Visit www.lemonvillegroupofartists.com for details.

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