Leahy family brings high-energy performance to Markham

Building on over three generations of Leahy musicianship, Doug Leahy, together with wife Jennifer and their children, is keeping those traditions alive through music, song and dance.

Doug, as a member of Leahy, and Jennifer, having played music throughout her life, both understand the joy and exhilaration only music can provide. It’s no wonder their children innately understand that music will be a huge part of their lives. Even the smallest children feel the music pulsing through their veins. They are drawn to it and they are passionate about it. Even at their young ages, as most are still in elementary school, the children are accomplished multi-instrumentalists.

Led by Doug, live performances are filled with the high-energy, infectious Celtic-based music people associate with the Leahy heritage. Fiddle, cello, French accordion, singing, piano, and French-Canadian step-dancing all find a voice on stage.

Photo: The Next Generation Leahy Christmas performance is set for Dec. 22 at Flato Markham Theatre.

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