Latcham exhibit fuses nature with technology

Latcham Art Centre is dedicated to providing opportunities for members of the community to engage with the visual arts through exhibitions of contemporary art. At the next exhibit, the first of 2019, Laura Moore presents Memory Bathing from Jan. 12 to Feb. 16.

Sculpture, drawing and installation works that fuse nature with technology will take over Latcham Art Centre. Memory Bathing combines natural forms such as trees and their fruit (acorns, walnuts, maple tree keys) with USB technology. Moore explores memory and the passing of information as it exists in the natural world and through human-made technology. Infusing nature with technology, she considers the relationship between organic species found in nature that hold or share data on a cellular level with the memory storage and data transfer functionality of the USB device.

Trees, in particular, preserve memories in their rings and have become an important source of knowledge in tracking the human-made changes to the planet – changes caused in large part by our ever-increasing reliance and consumption of digital technologies. Moore’s hybrid sculptures and drawings take on their own personalities, creating a playful and unique environment to reflect on the benefits of nature in a time dominated by technology.

The opening reception is on Jan. 12 from 1-3 pm. The artist will be in attendance and will be speaking at 1:30 p.m.

Image: Laura Moore, USB wooden sticks, 20” x 26” pen, pencil and coloured pencil on paper, 2017


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