Can’t help but sing along with The Weather Girls every time I hear this classic song! Yes, gentlemen this month’s issue is dedicated to YOU in honour of MOVEMBER.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP): “Research has found that periodontal disease is higher in men (56.4 percent) than in women (38.4 percent).” This is extremely important due to the strong correlation found between one’s oral and overall health. What’s the connection you ask? Well, inflammation.

Inflammation is your bodies natural response to any form of injury, stress, infection or outside threats. Inflammation can be localized (restricted to a particular place) or generalized (widespread) and it can be chronic (persist for a long time) or acute (have a sudden onset with a short duration).

Over time, chronic inflammation anywhere in your body, including your mouth (having swollen, red, tender, bleeding gums) can result in DNA changes and compromisation of your immune system, allowing other chronic inflammatory diseases and cancers an opportunity to rise. Other related chronic inflammatory conditions/diseases, especially affecting men, include: heart disease, impotence, prostate health and cancer.”

So, fellas since you are more likely to develop gum disease, making you more vulnerable and susceptible to other related chronic inflammatory conditions/diseases (as mentioned above), it is vital for you all to take as many preventative measures as possible to enhance longevity of your teeth, oral and overall health. Don’t forget to brush twice a day (in the morning and at night), floss nightly, use an antimicrobial mouthwash and don’t forget to visit your dental hygienist and dentist regularly for routine cleanings, checkups and X-rays (as necessary) to help improve your oral and overall health.

Visit and find out how you can get involved today and make a difference in men’s health. Unfortunately, I can’t help you in the growing a “Mo” department, but you most definitely have my support. Let’s end the stigma!

For more information on “GUM DISEASE AND MEN” please refer to the link below or consult your dental health care provider:

American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)

Thanks for reading and Happy Movember.

Story by Mona HajiHashemi, RDH-Owner of Mona Lisa Smiles in Stouffville.

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