Innovation excellence at Markham Stouffville Hospital

Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) aims to inspire everyone across the hospital to embed innovation in everything they do.

Innovation is a priority as part of the hospital’s strategic plan, and imperative for future success.

“Incorporating innovative thinking into our daily work helps improve the patient experience and enables our teams to work collaboratively to deliver excellent care,” says May Chang, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Markham Stouffville Hospital. “This has meant introducing a significant shift in thinking and culture across the organization.”

Recently MSH held its first SmartCare Innovation Fair which showcased both internal projects and external technologies to celebrate innovation and to explore the future of healthcare by learning what’s up and coming in different industries.
“When you think of SmartCare, it is care we’re providing to patients in a way that is more efficient, more convenient, better coordinated, and smarter,” says Chang.

There is a real sense of pride among the teams that are working across the organization to improve information for patients. Through the use of apps for smartphones, patients and families benefit from having information at their fingertips such as self-care instructions, knowing what symptoms to be concerned about, tracking personal information and appointments, and finding important resources in the community.

MSH is particularly proud of a high school-aged patient, Anmol Tukrel, who developed the Transitions app, to help youth progress to the adult diabetes program. As a patient, he knew that the best way to ensure youth like him read the important education material on lifestyle management, and record their pump settings was to put it on their phones. Tukrel donated this app to MSH: it is launching at the clinic shortly.

“It’s inspiring to know that everyone has the ability to innovate and be a driving force for change,” says Adam Erwood, Manager of Innovation, MSH. “It is important to make sure that everyone is supported in suggesting and developing ideas, and that we spread successful projects across the entire organization.”

The fair also featured an ‘Experience Innovation’ section with 3D printing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence – all of which have the potential to improve healthcare. Staff members tested out these exciting technologies to stimulate conversation and thinking about ways we can use them to enhance patient care.

The hospital will be showcasing even more innovations on April 5, when it hosts InnovationEx – an event which highlights projects from MSH and five other community hospitals.

“Innovation isn’t just a buzz word any more. By necessity, it has become a way of life for hospitals, for healthcare and for everyone in the service and caring business,” says Chang. “It’s our business to make sure that we continue to push research and innovation so that we can best support our patients, families, and community. We are making it a priority to continue to evolve so that we can provide the best care possible.”

MSH Apps – Providing patients information at their fingertips
– DASH MD – helps patients manage their medications, and follow self-care instructions they receive from the emergency department
– In the Loop – for families who are part of the child development program and need to manage their child’s developmental progress as well as appointments and from multiple agencies and service providers
– Transitions – helps patients in the child and adolescent diabetes clinic as they move into the adult program – launching soon.

Photo: MSH staff try out virtual reality options.

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