Historic records of local life during COVID-19 to be stored at museum

The Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum and Community Centre is asking for your participation in a project to keep a record of your experience during this unprecedented time.

They want you to share your story of your daily life as you navigated through self-isolation and social/physical distancing (you can submit a family or individual journal).

The purpose of collecting this information is to share our experience with future generations. You can also submit photos you’d like included in the historic record to the email address below.

Please include the following information: name, address, contact phone and email, number and ages of people in your household, and your current employment situation (i.e essential service, working from home, laid off, etc.)

Some questions to help get you started:
1. When did you begin hearing about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
2. Have you been in self-isolation or quarantine?
3. What has been your daily schedule?
4. How are you looking after yourself and your family?
5. Have you or someone you know contracted the virus?

The above questions are simply some suggestions, however you can share any information that you feel is important.

More information and a printable version can be downloaded at townofws.ca/museum.

Your journals can be submitted at any time following the resolution of the COVID-19 pandemic via email to [email protected]

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