Help wanted from Canadian mothers, for mothers in Malawi

“We take it for granted living in Canada having the benefit of a strong healthcare system,” said Richard McGowan Executive Director of Emmanuel International Canada (EIC).

“In developing countries, such as Malawi, they do not have the health services as we enjoy every day and take for granted,” added McGowan.

It’s easy for Canadian mothers to find proper health care for themselves and their children. In Malawi, it is not. Pregnant women will walk for hours or days to reach a health facility or camp out beside one, so they have a safe place to give birth.

In Canada, only about seven new mothers will die out of 100, 000 live births, according to The World Factbook. In Malawi, about 634 new mothers will die out of 100, 000 live births.

According to the Factbook, Canada’s infant mortality rate is 4.5 deaths for 1, 000 live births, whereas, in Malawi, 43.4 babies will die out of 1, 000 live births. This is because Malawians do not have the quality, accessible health care Canadians enjoy.

According to the PROMISE team (Baseline Survey Report), Malawi has the highest stunting rate in sub-Sharan Africa, with 46 per cent of children stunted. The main cause of this is malnutrition.

Through the maternal, newborn, infant and child sustainable health efforts (PROMISE) project, Emmanuel International Canada (EIC) is training Malawian villagers how to grow backyard gardens, so they have access to more nutritious foods.

Malawian mothers need help from Canadian mothers. Every $15 donation is matched to $100.

On Mother’s Day EIC is asking mothers to help mothers and take up the challenge in Malawi with Maternal Newborn and Child Health.


EIC is located on Main Street in Stouffville. Call 905-640-2111 ext. 5376 for more details.

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